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At Joanne Fuller Beauty & Aesthetics we are proud to offer the latest in aesthetic skincare treatments. PUREHYDRO is our new machine giving an 8 in 1 hydrating oxygen facial, a revolutionary breakthrough in aesthetic technology. Designed to remove dead skin cells, deep cleanse, oxygenation, tightening, lift and firming of the skin.
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Laser Hair Removal

EpiLase ICE Laser is the most effective, virtually painless laser hair removal solution available today and is suitable on all pigmented hair and skin types-including tanned skin. ICE touch cooling system makes treatments more safe and painless.

It is the next generation in medical grade laser, it is the professional gold standard in progressive laser hair removal treatments.

A Consultation is essential. In your consultation we discuss which areas you want to get hair free, we patch test you and if all is well we start your treatment 48 hours later. Our courses are 6 sessions and we do 14 days between each session for your first four, then monthly after that. Essentially we could have you hair free in just 16 weeks

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Laser Hair Removal is such a popular and effective solution to unwanted body and facial hair.
Laser Hair Removal
Top Lip
Top Lip & Chin
Centre Brow
Jaw Line
Full Face
Under Arms
Half Arms
Full Arms
Stomach Centre Line
Bikini Line
Half Legs
Full Legs
Quick and virtually painless, we require your skin to be as closely shaven as possible and you must not epliate or wax in between sessions as it will diminish the results of your session, we need the hair follicle present


Why choose waxing?

Waxing removes hair by the roots, which lasts much longer than shaving. Waxing removes hair in a quick and convenient way, with the hair growing back much softer than with shaving.

How long does a waxing treatment last?

Most people remain hair free, or mostly hair free, for up to 6 weeks after their waxing treatment.

Does waxing hurt?

Our superior quality wax combined with our exceptional skill means that body waxing hurts very little. Because hairs are removed along with their roots, the treatment is not completely painless, especially the first time. But over time, the hairs get finer and the treatment becomes less and less painful.

What can be waxed?

Almost any area of the body can be waxed: leg, arm, underarm, bikini, eyebrow, upper lip and facial.

Does the full legs waxing include the bikini zone?

No. The full legs waxing does not include the bikini zone.

How long should my hair be before waxing it?

For best waxing results, your hair should be at least 4mm and no longer than 2cm (which represents approximatively between 2 to 4 weeks of hair growth).

Can waxing cause any adverse skin reactions?

Immediately after waxing, small red dots can appear on treated skin areas. This is a very normal reaction of the skin and they should disappear within 60 minutes.

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    "The salon is beautiful, Jo is brilliant, very professional and helpful with all decisions, I had my eyebrows done by Jo and I wish I had it done years ago, I am so happy, my confidence ....."
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    "Had an amazing facial today with Jo, a Christmas gift from my daughter. The best facial I've ever had, my skin is glowing and feels very soft this evening. Jo is really lovely, very friendly and put me at my ......" "
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    "I had a wonderful treatment today with Joanne, my skin feels amazing and the service was first class. I highly recommend and will certainly visit again in the future."
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    "Honestly couldn’t give Jo enough credit for my appointment today! My lashes are amazing, but to make me and my 12 week little man so welcome and comfortable is where the credit is ..... "
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    "Joanne is just the best! So relaxing and lovely to talk to. The Salon itself is beautiful I had the purifying pedicure and deluxe dermplaning facial - both amazing and I’ll definitely be back again!"
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At Joanne Fuller Beauty & Aesthetics, we are proud to offer the latest in aesthetic skincare treatments. We are pleased to announce that we have two new machines from PURESKIN, take a look at what they have to offer!
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